Service updates for new companies, as of 1 July 2019

Any companies currently using this exemption may continue to do so until the end of 2019 (or at least for their first 10 employee applications, if these applications fall within the remainder of the year). However, all new companies that approach us after 30 June 2019 must begin paying service fees for all employee applications.

When our services fees were first introduced in 2013, this exclusion was implemented to further strengthen Amsterdam’s investment climate. A lot has changed in the Amsterdam Area since then and our services have become firmly established. The revenue from our service fees has always been used as intended, namely in expanding capacity. Despite the sharp rise in our customer numbers, we have always been able to maintain our quality of service, and our client satisfaction level has also remained equally high. We are extremely proud of this.

Service fees increase on 1 January 2020

We have also successfully avoided increasing the costs of our service fees over this period, but we are now approaching a turning point where this revenue is no longer sufficient to match our growth. As such, it will be necessary to change IN Amsterdam's service fee structure and/or increase our fees as of 1 January 2020. Our new rates are not yet known but we will be sure to keep you informed over the coming months.

While we have not taken these decisions lightly, we are confident these changes to our service plan will ensure we can continue to maintain our high standards and help even more businesses in the Amsterdam Area who rely on international talent.