Tackling traffic problems in Amsterdam’s 9 Streets

The narrow roads of the 9 Streets (Negen Straatjes) neighbourhood are often plagued by traffic problems caused by parking violations and delivery vans blocking the road. The City of Amsterdam is tackling these problems by introducing stricter controls on parking violations and a ban of stopping vehicles on the roads during the day.

Parking in the 9 Streets

From 1 September 2016 onwards, the City will start strict controls on parked cars on the eponymous nine roads of the neighbourhood (Reestraat, Huidenstraat, Runstraat, Berenstraat, Wolvenstraat, Wijde Heisteeg, Oude Spiegelstraat, Hartenstraat and Gasthuismolensteeg), as well as on Elandsgracht and Spuistraat. Parking violations have been found to be the number-one cause of obstacles, traffic problems and dangerous situations in the neighbourhood. Drivers found to have parked their cars incorrectly will be fined on the spot – the minimum fine is €90, and if a parked car is seen as form and obstacle, it will be towed for a minimum fee of €373.

Stopping restriction

To make the roads in the neighbourhood safer and more pleasant for pedestrians, the City will also introduce a stopping restriction for the nine streets (equally coming into effect on 1 September) between 12:00 and 18:00. There are many shops in the neighbourhood, and delivery vans and cars often stand on the pavement while unloading, forming an obstacle for pedestrians and making traffic unsafer. In return, the times during which shops can unload will be extended.