The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is home to 15,000 Brits, many of whom are currently feeling uncertain about their future here following the referendum results. In order to answer questions and offer some clarity to British residents in Amsterdam, Mayor Eberhard van der Laan invited Amsterdam’s British community to a meeting on 18 July 2016, in which he stressed that Amsterdam is a city that feels responsible for all its residents, including the international ones – and wants to accommodate their concerns as well as possible.

Your Brexit questions answered

Following the meeting, a report was produced that summarises the main topics and issues discussed at the meeting. These include residency and citizenship issues, family, education, financial and administrative points and employment issues. The report also includes questions that were asked and the answers given in response. The answers have, where necessary, been checked by official source to ensure that all information provided in the Brexit report is correct.

You can read a summary of the main issues and questions discussed at the Mayor’s Brexit meeting for Amsterdam’s British community below.

Read the Brexit report

British citizens living in the Netherlands who still have questions raised by the refendum results can contact the Brexit Information Point at the Expatcenter Amsterdam.