Training new AI experts

The companies are aiming to give impetus to the Netherlands’ AI ecosystem by stimulating and accelerating the development of new AI-related tech and by training more AI talent. One focus is on utilising AI in line with the ethical and social norms that are at the heart of Dutch society.

25 new academic appointments

One of the main aims is to expand academic and training capacities. Additional study programmes and facilities will strengthen the Netherlands’ competitive position in the sector. Investment in public-private partnerships by funding professorships and academic lecturers is set to enable the new generation of AI talent to get access to education, training and leading academics. Each of the five businesses has committed to a starting investment of five new appointments, meaning there will be 25 appointments in total.

Wide range of applications

Other initiatives launched as part of Kickstart AI are the ‘AI superchallenges’, a competition calling global AI talent to tackle challenges in fields such as healthcare and mobility, and a national AI course aimed at a wider audience. Available in both Dutch and English, the course is meant to boost awareness and knowledge of AI among employees of the involved companies and the public in general.