Post-Brexit information for residents

Last week, the IND updated British residents on how the Dutch government intends to continue their residency rights after the UK officially leaves the EU on 29 March. Letters were sent out to the 45,000 British nationals that currently reside in the Netherlands.

The letter explains that during an initial 15-month transition period, in which British citizens will retain all their rights, they will be invited to submit an application for a residence permit that enables them to continue to reside in the Netherlands once they are no longer EU citizens. This arrangement is particularly important in the event of Britain departing from the EU without a deal in place. The information contained in the letters, which were sent to all British nationals and family members who are officially registered with their municipality, is also available on the IND’s website.

Contact the Brexit Information Point

If you have any questions about your residency situation, you can contact IN Amsterdam’s Brexit Information Point by calling +31 (0)20 254 7999 or dropping into the IN Amsterdam office in WTC Amsterdam.