New rules for mopeds in Amsterdam 

Mopeds join scooters in being banned from most bike paths within the A10 ring road, the City of Amsterdam has announced. A few roads are excepted from the rule – this map shows them marked in purple. Outside the ring road, riders of mopeds – the smaller version of scooters that in the Netherlands has a blue licence plate – may still use bike paths and ride without a helmet. The speed limit that applies to mopeds, 25 km/h, remains the same regardless of where they are being driven. 

Increasing traffic safety 

The ban is one of the measures taken by the City of Amsterdam to counter dangerously overcrowded bike paths that pose serious risks of accidents. Previous measures taken, additionally intended to fight pollution, include a low emission zone targeting scooters and mopeds from before 2011. 

Information for road users 

In the coming months, the City will prepare roads in Amsterdam to make the transition easier for all road users. New traffic signs and temporary road markings will show where mopeds need to go. In addition, residents registered as owning a moped are receiving information per post. 

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