Amsterdam’s increasing popularity calls for smart city solutions

Thanks to Amsterdam’s great cultural offerings, village-like vibe and rich history, it should come as no surprise that the city is becoming more and more popular among visitors and migrants alike. Yet, this ever-increasing popularity brings the need for better mobility in the city: space on the roads, on cycle paths and on pavements will be scarcer, and additional parking spaces will be needed. Of course, there will also be problems for the city’s logistics industry, as loading and unloading goods becomes more difficult in busier cities.

Amsterdam turns to startups for the answers

Enter Amsterdam’s thriving startup scene, which is already leading the charge in cutting-edge tech solutions across a number of sectors. Together with partners Amsterdam Smart City, Topsector Logistics (Dutch link) and Connekt, the City of Amsterdam is hosting the Smart City Logistics Challenge – a European tender that will give the two winning startups a budget of up to €50,000 to implement their solutions. Naturally, the solutions are expected to improve the life of Amsterdam’s residents as well streamline the logistics sector. Winners will be announced in December 2017, with implementation beginning as soon as early 2018