Amsterdam sparks electric-car movement

It's no secret that the Netherlands is an electric-transport-friendly country; in fact, it has the second largest fleet of plug-in electric vehicles per capita in the world. You can't walk down a street in Amsterdam without seeing an electric vehicle or their charging stations, so it's unsurprising that Amsterdam's city council recently received its second e-visionary award at the World Electric Vehicle Symposium in Montreal. The jury of the World Electric Vehicle Association were highly positive about the city, too: "the targets and the ambitious timing set for zero-emission taxis, buses, small delivery vehicles, light vehicles and even boats are world leading and an example to all cities."

Plan Amsterdam: 'The Electric City'

The City of Amsterdam is by no means done with pioneering electronic transport. The 'Electric City' edition of Plan Amsterdam recently outlined further measures to solidify Amsterdam's world-leading position. Amsterdam will positively reinforce business experimentation in the area of electronic transport, offering special privileges and subsidies to businesses and startups that want to develop and improve technology in the sector. Amsterdam has consistently supported startups and innovation – actively striving to become a smart city, and these new measures on electric transport look to continue that trend. 

The document also goes into detail about how Amsterdam plans to: dramatically increase the number of charge points in the city, invest in more efficient and environmentally friendly public transport, become a zero-emissions city by 2025, and more. Find out more on the plans and measures by reading the full Plan Amsterdam issue

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