EuroPRevent, the annual congress of the European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (EACPR), will take place in Amsterdam from 8 to 10 May 2014. For this occasion, EuroPRevent 2014 will partner with Jump-in Amsterdam, an educational initiative of the City of Amsterdam that aims to fight future obesity among Amsterdam’s youth. On Thursday, 8 May, 350 Amsterdam school children will participate in a joint educational programme.

EuroPRevent 2014

EuroPRevent addresses the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It will bring the finest international health experts and key opinion makers together to share and present their research and translate it into usable knowledge for practitioners, health-care professionals, researchers and policymakers.

EACPR Joins Jump-in Amsterdam

The EACPR will be joining forces with Jump-in Amsterdam in May. There will be a half-day event in an Amsterdam primary school on 8 May during EuroPRevent 2014. EACPR leadership and representatives of the City of Amsterdam will talk about the benefits of eating a balanced diet, exercising and generally leading a healthy lifestyle. This initiative will not just be for children; it will also be targeted at parents and teachers, since health education begins at home and in the classroom. During the initiative the cardiovascular scientific community will also demonstrate the importance of obesity prevention for the City Of Amsterdam. Children will participate in exercise classes and educational activities, while a tailor-made interactive theatre show will educate parents. Healthy snacks of fresh fruit and tap water will be provided to demonstrate healthy eating habits.

Jump-in Amsterdam

Jump-In Amsterdam is an educational programme that has so far been rolled out in 70 primary schools in Amsterdam. The City of Amsterdam’s aim is to involve more than 150 primary schools in the project – three quarters of all primary schools in Amsterdam. It is an initiative of the Department of Social Development and Health Services of Amsterdam. Jump-In Amsterdam encourages physical activity and a healthy diet among school children. The ultimate goal is to fight future obesity. The initiative is broken down into five basic elements:

  • Inform and educate parents and children
  • Monitor and test children in order to facilitate tailored interventions
  • Sports at schools
  • Intervention to increase physical activity during recess
  • Healthy eating policy at school

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