Language is an essential tool in terms of being able to participate in society – be it at home, study or work. As such, the City of Amsterdam is helping to fund Dutch study programmes for 5,000 newcomers to the city as part of its Education Works! programme.

Education works!

The language courses are an extension of ongoing education initiatives, which have so far also provided training and support in fields such as literacy, numeracy and other basic skills. The participants receive coaching from volunteer teachers and via digital aids, and following their study, they are encouraged to also volunteer to help others. 

Language empowers

Throughout 2014, the City of Amsterdam will work to strengthen the Dutch language skills of Amsterdam citizens. Andrée van Es, alderperson for Work, Income and Participation, noted: “Language, language, language is the message in Amsterdam. There are still many people who have no chance of finding work because their Dutch is not good enough. That’s why we’re doing this, moving forward with a broad approach to language education.” This year the City is also providing a specific selection of courses for 250 refugees.

Annual language market

On 14 February 2014, the City of Amsterdam hosted its annual language market (Taalmarkt) at Amsterdam City Hall. Many newcomers to Amsterdam were invited and were able to receive information about the variety of Dutch courses available, as well as the potential support provided by the City.

If you would like to know more about provisions of language lessons or other interesting language-related activities contact the Taal Aanmeld Punt van Educatie en Inburgering (020-346 5800 or by emailing [email protected]).