Household income and mental health

The survey data shows that mental health and household income have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

70% of AMA respondents are worried about their household income, with a large number of respondents saying that coronavirus has already had an impact on their finances. More than a quarter say that they have lost at least 50% of their household income since the start of the pandemic.

Mental health is another huge concern. 77% of the survey’s respondents say that their mental health has been negatively impacted by coronavirus, with many not knowing where to turn to for help. If your mental health has been affected by the pandemic then IN Amsterdam is here to offer assistance – you’ll find some resources at the bottom of this article.

Impact on family relationships

Being separated from family in home countries has been difficult for many international residents living in Amsterdam, particularly as many people felt that the government advice regarding travel, family visits and connection with others was not always clear. Over a quarter of those surveyed were ‘extremely worried’ about their friends and family abroad, and a quarter had even considered leaving the Netherlands, with the majority of these people citing wanting to be home with their families as the biggest reason.

Future plans largely unaffected

Despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, respondents overwhelmingly said that they want to remain living and working in the Netherlands when the pandemic is over. Asked how internationals would like to arrange their working life in the future, more than 90% of respondents would still like to work in the Netherlands, with most people preferring a 50/50 split of home and office working. Despite reports in the press that internationals are leaving the Netherlands, 58% of people said they were not aware of any international workers who had left the Netherlands because of coronavirus, although 9% said that they would like to work remotely from their home country in the future.

IN Amsterdam is here to help

We are working hard to follow up on the results of the survey. In the meantime, if your mental health has been affected by the pandemic, please don’t suffer alone. ACCESS is a non-proft organisation committed to supporting the international expatriate community in the Netherlands, and can connect you to their network of psychologists and mental health professionals.

If you or your partner have lost your job or part of your income due to the pandemic, make sure you know how unemployment benefits work, to help you bridge the gap until you find something else. We offer a range of advice on finding work in the Netherlands, including a regularly updated list of Amsterdam jobs for English speakers. You can also read about receiving income support and assistance with paying your housing costs on the City of Amsterdam’s website.