Prepare yourself for the career of the future

The new careers advice scheme is intended to give a broad section of the population valued insight into the opportunities that exist for them in the current – and future – labour market. Speaking to a professional adviser affords you a chance to examine your skills, talk about what you enjoy and determine what your next steps should be. For example, are you already ready for a career switch? Do your skills need a simple top-up? Or will you require a year or two of additional education to get you where you want to be? It’s also a chance to better understand gaps in the job market and consider a path that you perhaps didn’t realise was an option.

Of course, the recent impact of the coronavirus has caused many people to question their careers, job security and much more. But even without a global pandemic, the employment landscape is changing. Digitisation and automation mean some types of work are becoming scarcer. On the flipside, many new roles are being created within those fields and there’s a need to find the right talent to fill those jobs. That’s why the Dutch government is keen to help people adapt to the new reality as soon as possible.

The Dutch labour market is changing

Launching the scheme, Minister Koolmees from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment said: “The Dutch labour market is changing at pace so it is important that everyone is prepared for that. Careers advisers can help people get to grips with these changes. This is the time to take action and ask for advice to help develop your career.”

The scheme is open to everyone from 18 years old to retirement age. There’s no catch. Simply register with a careers adviser in your region. They will apply for a subsidy on your behalf, taking care of all the administration.

Find a careers adviser in the Amsterdam Area

If you aren’t sure where to get started, you can search for careers advisers in sector organisation databases, such as Noloc, Career Management Institute and OVAL (these websites are all in Dutch). Alternatively, check out IN Amsterdam’s partners such as Carrière Coach Café, which specialises in career support for international residents. You can also see our partners' special offers

Apply for the scheme in 2021

Due to high demand, capacity for 2020 has been reached, however 50,000 places will be available for 2021. Registrations will open from 1 December 2020