The uncertainty relates to the fact a fee is charged for this service at all. We have become aware that in the past, it has often been possible to collect these permits from IN Amsterdam free of charge, without an appointment. However, this was simply due to a miscommunication between IN Amsterdam and the IND. We are currently in talks with the IND to explore how we can prevent this information being miscommunicated in the future. And until this issue has been satisfactorily resolved, we will adopt a policy of leniency. As such, we will not challenge any unwitting customers who arrive at IN Amsterdam and have not been appropriately informed about the associated costs.

We would hereby like to officially confirm that an appointment should be scheduled for the single immigration procedure (extension) and that there is an associated cost involved. It is important you are aware of this and that your employee is suitably informed when an application is made and IN Amsterdam is selected as the location from which to collect the permit. If you or your employee are not prepared to pay a service fee for this procedure, it is possible to instead select the IND office on the Pieter Calandlaan as a pick-up location.

Below you can read a short overview of the three different immigration procedures IN Amsterdam offers:

Combined procedure 
This concerns the combined appointment for registration in the Personal Records Database (BRP) or Non-residents Record Database (RNI) and the collection of the (first) residence permit.

Single immigration procedure (first application)
This concerns an appointment for the collection of a residence permit following the first application to stay in the Netherlands. Registration in the BRP or RNI occurs elsewhere.

Single immigration procedure (extension)
This concerns an appointment for the collection of a residence permit, in regards to an extension or a change to residence status.

An overview of the associated fees can be found on the IN Amsterdam website.

Please note, for all of these procedures, the corresponding fee must be paid during the first appointment. If the residence permit cannot be issued at that time, for example, because biometric data must be collected, you will be notified about making an appointment to collect it when it has arrived.