Finding work in the Netherlands: a labour of love

A recent survey conducted by the International Community Advisory Panel (ICAP) in Amsterdam aimed to assess the experiences of internationals who relocated to join a partner whose career brought them to the Netherlands. 

The results indicated that there is a distinct gap between those looking for work and the opportunities they found available. The participants, of whom 76.5% were female, reported that their struggle to find a job left them unhappy and caused relationship issues. The group represents a talent pool working across a wide variety of industries, including education, IT and technology and management and consulting. They also represent a well-educated demographic, with 80% holding a university degree, and more than 7% holding a PhD or postdoc qualification. 

These findings inspired IN Amsterdam to collaborate with House of Skills and create a programme that will offer support and resources in English to help international newcomers with entering the Dutch job market. 

The programme will officially launch on 10 March with a seminar: 'Career Orientation for Partners.' This event is open to everyone and provides an opportunity to learn what House of Skills offers while discovering new resources for job hunting, learning about opportunities to upskill and benefitting from career insights delivered by trusted experts. 

The advantages of an international team

Aside from the international expertise that this group can add to your company’s skill base, it is also widely acknowledged that greater diversity leads to increased productivity and innovation. International staff offer first-hand insights on the global market, and cross-cultural experiences that can benefit your business in immeasurable ways. 

In addition, international talent, including highly skilled migrants, are more likely to remain in the Netherlands when their partners feel at home here. This includes finding opportunities that align with their skills and goals. Companies can better support their employees by taking an interest in how their families are settling in and IN Amsterdam offers many services to assist in this area, ranging from free seminars to walk-in helpdesks and monthly newsletters.

Insights about accompanying talent

Seven out of 10 participants in the survey gave up their career or business to come to the Netherlands, and two-thirds mentioned that they were prepared to retrain to find work in an area where there is demand.

  • Almost seven out of 10 reported that their lack of Dutch language skills caused a problem in finding a job
  • Three out of 10 respondents said that their work experience or qualifications were not recognised by Dutch employers
  • One in five respondents found a job within the first three months, but 13% had been looking for more than a year 

IN Amsterdam encourages all employers and HR professionals in the Amsterdam Area to recognise the gap between accompanying talent and opportunities in your industry. Learn more about the programme and contact us if you’re interested in getting involved. You can also download the 'Career Support for Partners of International Employees' brochure.