Authentic and industrial

When you step into the enormous, old factory, you immediately feel it: this place exudes authenticity and history. The beating heart of the former sugar factory is the Middenfabriek. Meters-high authentic boilers and special staircases give you an idea of what it must have looked like in 1863, but the rooms are equipped with all modern facilities and techniques. For example, a car lift that connects the ground floor with two floors. The Binnenstraat connects the Middenfabriek with the Pulppersloods, but can also function as a stand-alone space. With its striking pillars, brick walls and high windows, the Pulppersloods is also the perfect backdrop for all kinds of events. In addition to these three event locations, there are many more characteristic areas that can function as break-out rooms, control rooms, presentation rooms, etc.

150 years of history

With respect for the unique history of the former sugar factory, we are working hard on improvements. A durable design allows for the reuse of many original materials, leaving the charm of the factory untouched. Nevertheless, between the rusty pillars there are now 575 LED fixtures that form the basic lighting of the location. The high, multi-storey spaces, the impressive atriums and other historical details provide a raw and industrial backdrop for a wide variety of events.