Your healthcare questions answered 

Over 60 people attended the event, which saw a number of Expatcenter partners share their knowledge of different aspects of the Dutch healthcare system. Volunteer organisation Access opened the evening with answers to the most frequent questions they get from internationals. During this presentation it became clear that a lot of people are unsure about the role of the general practitioner, and many had questions about how Dutch health insurance works. Loonzorg, a partner that provides for health insurances, explained all the details concerning the latter. Being able to visit your general practitioner 12 times in a year and not being charged for it was an eye opener for many people.

Co-founder of Healthcare for Internationals addressed the themes trust, time, proactivity and access. Most internationals lack trust in the Dutch healthcare system, and sometimes that even makes them reluctant to visit a doctor.

The seminar ended with a presentation by PsyQ, an organisation specialised in mental health. Again, trust is a very important factor when it comes to successful treatments of internationals. It was also mentioned that most people underestimate the effect of living abroad. Fortunately, people didn’t hesitate to share their doubts.

More healthcare seminars to follow

Since this evening was such a success, the Expatcenter will organise regular seminars on healthcare in the near future. It is clear that, apart from this yearly seminar, we need to find more ways to inform internationals about the Dutch healthcare system. Companies that employ people from abroad can act as a spokesperson for this cause. If they work together with healthcare institutions, the gap can be closed. The Expatcenter Amsterdam aims to facilitate and stimulate the cooperation between companies and organisations within the healthcare system on this important topic, and you will hear more about this soon.