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Amsterdam Culture Club is an English-speaking community group that brings together culturally minded internationals at exclusive special events around the city. Join us at upcoming events in Amsterdam, learn more about the city’s rich cultural scene and meet new people.

What Amsterdam Culture Club can do for you

Get more out of life in the city. No matter if you’re an international newcomer fresh from your first Rijksmuseum visit. Or a settled international who loves attending the city’s theatres, gigs and galleries. Amsterdam Culture Club invites you to dive deeper into the cultural scene. Join us at our relaxed get-togethers, discover new aspects of Amsterdam culture and expand your social circle.

Our events are intended to bring people of diverse nationalities together at inspiring art, music, theatre and film events all over Amsterdam. Our programme is curated by cultural experts to ensure entertaining, surprising and memorable gatherings.

Perhaps best of all, Amsterdam Culture Club members enjoy exclusive benefits that enrich each performance, such as:

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It’s free to become a member. There’s no obligation to buy tickets for all or any events, but we hope you take inspiration from our programming and come along. Sign up and start receiving invitations for upcoming events and for our exciting 2020 programme.

Our upcoming events:


This event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis. Enjoy an exceptional cultural performance by Jakop Ahlbom Company on Sunday 5 April 2020. This visual theatre production is laced with illusionism. Members can take a tour and meet the director after the play.
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This event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis. Join us for Simon Stone's contemporary retelling of the classic tragedy. The evening includes an introduction, performance, drinks and Q&A with actors afterwards.
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