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Amsterdam Culture Club is an English-speaking community group that brings together culturally minded internationals at exclusive special events around the city. Join us at upcoming events in Amsterdam, learn more about the city’s rich cultural scene and meet new people.

Dear Amsterdam Culture Club member,

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Amsterdam Culture Club events have been cancelled since February 2020. Currently, theatres remain closed and will start up again with fewer visitors. With this in mind, we have decided to temporarily discontinue the Amsterdam Culture Club. We hope get in touch with you again if there is room to organise events in the future.

For the coming period, please refer to our cultural agendaWe also invite you to follow our social media channels for Amsterdam Area residents on Facebook and Instagram.

We realise that these might be difficult times for everyone, even more so if you are away from your home country. Therefore, we would like to share the video message from Mayor Femke Halsema in which she addresses the international community.

As you may know IN Amsterdam supports internationals in the Amsterdam Area in different ways and we hope to stay connected, please consider subscribing to our newsletter with information and (online) seminars for internationals.

We hope things look more promising soon and we look forward to many beautiful cultural trips from 2021 onwards!


Amsterdam Culture Club

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