Household refuse

Bagged refuse can be put out on the street in grey refuse bags twice a week, on designated days. It is collected by the municipal refuse service. Only put refuse out on the designated collection days at 06:00 at the earliest (for collection between 07:30 and 15:30 on the same day) or after 17:00 (for evening collection). To find out more about refuse collection, view the special brochure (afvalwijzer), which is also available in English.

Paper, cardboard and glass

Some of the most common recyclables in Amsterdam are paper and glass. If they are suitable for recycling, they can be deposited in the street-side containers (in Dutch). You should find containers (in Dutch) for paper and glass within a short distance of your home. If your items do not fit through the container opening, do not leave it beside the container but instead take it to one of the waste collection points (in Dutch).

Textiles and clothing

Old clothing, towels, cuddly toys and shoes can often be reused or recycled. There are approximately 14 bins for textiles and clothing in the Centre district. Look for the green KICI containers, which is a charity that uses such materials for good causes. Click here to see a list of all locations (in Dutch).

Plastic recycling

Amsterdam residents can recycle plastic packaging by depositing their plastic waste in the dedicated plastic containers – clearly marked as ‘Plastic verpakkingen’. These can be used for empty plastic packaging, such as trays, cups, lids, bread bags, bottles, plastic wrap, flasks, pots, bags and tubes. When transferring these items to the plastic containers, it is important to only use clear bags – not black or green refuse bags. Other plastics should be discarded as part of your household refuse. Click here to see a list of all locations in the Centre District (in Dutch).

Bulky waste

Either take bulky refuse to a waste collection point (in Dutch) or telephone 020 256 3555 to register it for free collection. There is no scheduled bulky waste collection in the Centre. Once you have arranged collection, put items on the pavement on the designated day ensuring the collection services can easily access the refuse. Waste from construction and demolition works needs to be put out for collection in a special ‘Big Bag’, available at your local DIY store. Electronics, electrical goods and furniture can be collected as bulky refuse or taken to a waste collection point.

Please remember that many goods may be given a new life at your local second-hand store (kringloopwinkel). A list of licensed stores in Noord-Holland is available here (in Dutch). Also keep in mind that if you are purchasing new electrical goods or appliances, shops in the Netherlands can receive and recycle your old product – either at time of purchase or delivery.

Minor chemical waste

Minor chemical waste (batteries, energy saving light bulbs, etc) can be taken to a waste collection point (in Dutch), while a growing number of supermarkets and hardware stores also have special bins for the likes of light bulbs and batteries.

Pest control

The Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD Amsterdam) can help with pest control issues in the city, such as problems with rats, feral pigeons, wasps and cockroaches. For more information about the services provided by the pest control department you can either call 020-555 5600 (Mon-Fri 8:00-18:00) or fill in the GGD contact form (in Dutch).