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Waste & recycling in Amsterdam

Reduce your environmental footprint by recycling paper, textiles, plastic and glass and find out where to deposit household waste in your Amsterdam neighbourhood.

Refuse and recycling procedures

In Amsterdam it is normal practice to separate your household waste in order to utilise the growing array of recycling options and work towards greener environmental solutions. Within this section you can learn more about the recycling options, as well as specific information relating to the household refuse in the city district in which you live.

Household refuse in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, household refuse (as opposed to recycling) is defined as general rubbish that is neither chemical nor dangerous but cannot be recycled. The municipality collects the majority of Amsterdam’s household waste and transports it to modern incinerators, which in turn generate power or heat water that is used by local households or businesses. 

Some city districts require you to put household refuse out on the street in (sometimes designated) rubbish bags on the day it is to be collected. Others ask you to deposit household waste in the dark green or grey containers on the street. These have underground capacity and are collected by the municipality on a regular basis. For street collections, be sure to allow easy access to your refuse when putting it outside so as to make it easier for the collection services to remove your rubbish.

If your underground refuse container has been damaged or is full, or if the weekly refuse collection was missed, you can file a Dutch online report (melding openbare ruimte) or call the city helpline 14 020.

Waste collection points

Amsterdam is home to six special waste collection points (afvalpunten – link in Dutch). These are stations where you can deposit your bulky waste, construction and demolition waste, chemical waste, unwanted electronic/electrical goods, plastic, paper and glass for free. You can also take recyclable goods, products and furniture that will be reused by students or those less fortunate. The waste collection points are open six days per week (Mon-Sat 08:00-17:00). The locations are as follows:

Click here to view all six waste collection points on a city map (website in Dutch).

Bulky waste

Typically, bulky waste includes materials or items too large for household waste, such as electrical goods, appliances, furniture and garden cuttings. Many city districts organise a bulky waste collection on fixed days each week, in which case it is appropriate to deposit your bulky waste at the nearest street location on the evening or morning before collection. Citizens who deposit waste on the street outside of this time are likely to face a hefty fine. If you cannot wait until the appropriate collection day, it is possible to pre-arrange a personal collection (sometimes at a cost). Otherwise bulky waste can be taken to the waste collection points (link in Dutch).

Refuse collection by district

Refuse collection varies between district and different rules apply even within neighbourhoods of some districts. Click on your district below to read more about refuse collection where you live.

Recycling in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam it is normal practice to separate your household waste in order to utilise the growing array of recycling options and work towards greene...