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Housing in Amsterdam

Read up on renting, buying property, mortgages and housing rights to help with finding your new home in Amsterdam.

Finding accommodation in Amsterdam 

Amsterdam is a popular market for housing, so finding a place to live can be a challenge. But with research and the right advice, you can find your perfect home in this beautiful town. When searching for accommodation, there are three possibilities: public housing, private rentals and buying property.

Housing in Amsterdam

Find rental property

If you’re planning a short-term stay in Amsterdam (under five years), renting is your best bet. After all, contracts can be easily changed and you’re ...

Buying property in Amsterdam

If you’re planning on staying in Amsterdam for three years or more, then one option may be to buy a property. Despite strong competition in the curren...


Each area of Amsterdam has its own character and charm, and its own unique offering of schools, shops, parks, restaurants and cultural activities. And...

Overview of housing rights

It’s important for everyone who buys or rents a home in Amsterdam to know what their rights are. What do you do if there is a conflict with your landl...

Short stay policy

Short stay is the rental of non-subsidised housing (with a rent above €710.68) for periods from seven nights to six months. Short stay renting is popu...

Dutch mortgages

Many different types of mortgage are available in the Netherlands and the most suitable variant depends largely on your personal circumstances and lif...

Utilities & maintenance

Once you've found accommodation in Amsterdam, you'll need to set up things like internet and TV, and know when and where to throw out the rubbish.