When will you start to receive your Dutch state pension?

Your AOW pension will be paid with effect from the day on which you reach your AOW pension age. The AOW pension age is 66 in 2018, and will increase to 67 by 2021. From 2024, the AOW pension age will be linked to life expectancy.

What is your Dutch state pension age?

Your state pension age depends on your date of birth. You can enter your date of birth on the SVB website to find out what your state pension age is. 

Most people are insured under the Dutch state pension scheme automatically

The AOW scheme is an insurance scheme which covers everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands, regardless of nationality. For every year that you are insured, you build up rights to 2% of the full AOW pension. If you have been insured for the full 50 years preceding your pension age, you will receive a full AOW pension. For example: if your AOW pension age is 65 and one month, your AOW pension will be based on your insurance record between the ages of 15 and one month and 65 and one month. If your AOW pension age is 66, your AOW pension will be based on your insurance record between the ages of 16 and 66.

The latest information about the Dutch state pension is provided in multiple languages on the SVB website.


If you have lived or worked outside the Netherlands, you are likely to have been uninsured during certain periods, and you may receive a lower pension as a result. A small number of people who do live in the Netherlands are not insured under the AOW scheme. If you were born on or after 1 April 1950, you will not receive an AOW pension if you were insured for less than one year.