Types of insurance

  • Liability insurance: In the Netherlands, you are legally liable if someone suffers damage through an accident caused by you. Personal liability insurance (aansprakelijkheidsverzekering, AVP) covers almost all damage for which you, your child or your pet might be held liable, regardless of how the incident in question occurred. Damage caused by motor vehicles is not covered by the AVP.
  • Home contents insurance: Insure against unforeseen damage to the contents of your home with an inboedelverzekering. In some larger cities, you will always have an excess or deductible (eigen risico) for theft, and there is typically a maximum payout for audio-visual equipment. It is important to make sure your home’s contents are insured at replacement value.
  • Health and dental insurance: Everyone is obliged to take out health insurance (though not dental) to protect against the financial risks of illness and hospital admission. Learn more about health insurance.
  • Funeral insurance (uitvaartverzekering): If you die in the Netherlands, your next of kin will have to bear the expense of your funeral or cremation. To avoid the burden on them, you can take out funeral insurance.
  • Car insurance: If you own a vehicle in the Netherlands, you must have liability insurance to cover the cost of damage to the vehicle.

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