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Find information on essential family matters, such as daycare, child allowance and more.

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Select the right school for your child with information on international primary and secondary schools for English-speaking and bilingual students.

International schools

The Netherlands is renowned for having a strong, well-balanced education system. This is further bolstered by a host of options for international scho...

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Wherever you live in the Amsterdam Area, you can find a wide variety of high-quality schools, at preschool, primary and secondary levels.


In the Netherlands, it is common for working parents to leave their children during the day in a crèche or childcare centre. Childcare is subject to c...

Parent and Child Teams

When it comes to raising a family in Amsterdam, the city’s Parent and Child Teams are an essential source of advice and guidance. There are more...

Child allowance

Everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands has a right to Child Benefit (Kinderbijslag) for children (including step- and foster-children) under t...

Adoption in the Netherlands

Adoption is a lengthy and challenging process, but one that yields a great reward – a family. For many people the choice to adopt comes from the diffi...

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Top summer camps

01 Mar 2019
Looking for summer camps in Amsterdam? Here a list of 12 amazing options this summer for daring, caring, arty, sporty, imaginative and hands-on kids.