Police, fire brigade or ambulance

  • Emergency police, fire brigade, ambulance: 112
  • Police information (non-emergency): 0900 8844
  • Anonymous tip-line (to report a crime): 0800 7000

Emergency doctor’s office

An emergency doctor’s office exists for problems outside of regular doctor’s hours. The service operates around the clock (24-hour) and is available for nights, weekends and all public holidays.

The number in Amsterdam is 088 003 0600.The operator will connect you with an emergency doctor in your area.

Municipal matters

The City of Amsterdam runs a central information helpline for questions related to civic issues and municipal matters. The helpline can be reached at 14 020 and also has English-speaking operators.

General helplines

ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the international community in the Netherlands. Their helpline can be reached by calling 0900 222 2377 (charges may apply). Alternatively, visit their drop-in helpdesk at the IN Amsterdam

Determining when to go to the GP or hospital

The A&E department of a hospital is meant for serious situations requiring immediate specialist medical treatment. The GP after-hours surgery (huisartsenpost) is for emergencies, which you would normally ring your GP for during surgery hours. Such emergencies might include, for instance, tightness of the chest, symptoms of paralysis, severe abdominal pain, a very sick child or an accident in the home. GP after-hours surgeries are run by normal doctors who take turns working night shifts.

Please note: Going to the A&E department for treatment that in normal cases would be done by a GP will probably lead to having to pay out of the deductible (eigen risico) from the health insurance.

Bring identification and insurance pass if possible when going to the A&E department. Because everyone in the Netherlands is legally obliged to take out health insurance, standard coverage will normally cover hospital treatment. In some situations, paying a deductible may be necessary.