Finding a school in Amsterdam

To see the primary schools you can choose from, simply visit the School Finder and enter your postcode. For secondary schools, you can search according to your child’s recommended level. There is also information about the Dutch education system, and the rules for enrolling.

Primary school

In the Netherlands, children start school as soon as they are four, so when your child is about three you receive an enrolment form. You can choose any primary school in the city, but you have priority at the eight schools closest to your address. When you enter your postcode, the School Finder shows the list of schools in order of distance from your home. And you can click through to find out more information, such as whether a school has a specific religious background or takes a particular educational approach. Then you can attend an open day or make an appointment for a visit. Read more about enrolling your child at a primary school.

Secondary school

When it comes to choosing a secondary school, what matters is not the distance from your home but the type of education the primary school recommends for your child, depending on their aptitude and test scores. On the School Finder website, you can fill in the recommendation to see all your child’s school options. Again you can click through for details and find out when the schools hold their open days.

International schools

There are also a number of international schools in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. They are in high demand, so there can be waiting lists. If you are looking for an international school in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, you can check the current availability of places online. For children aged between 6 and 12 who have recently moved to the Netherlands, there are also special newcomers’ classes within the regular education system, with a focus on learning Dutch.