Questions for open days at primary schools in Amsterdam

An open day can be slightly overwhelming considering the importance of the choice at hand. However, it can be a big help in the process of finding and applying for a primary school place for your child. Below find some pointers on questions to ask – both yourself and the school – when you visit an open day at an Amsterdam primary school

  • What is my overall impression of the school?
  • Does the school meet our needs?
  • What is my impression of the head and the teachers?
  • How is the environment (regarding demographics and community) of the school?
  • What is the interaction among children like?
  • How are the academic and social settings? Do they meet the needs of my child?
  • Which extracurricular activities and support are offered?
  • Does the school have experience with non-Dutch speakers?
  • Does the school offer extra classes for non-Dutch speakers?
  • What is your parental gut feeling about the school? 
It is also a good idea to visit the school again on a regular day – go when the school is out and you will be able to get a grasp of the atmosphere. Then you can also speak to other parents about their experiences with the school.