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Everyday essentials for living in Amsterdam

Whether you're moving to Amsterdam, newly arrived or an established citizen, here you can look up official information on day-to-day living, including details on medical and insurance, waste and recycling, learning Dutch, getting around and more. 

Practical information for daily life in Amsterdam

Housing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Sarphatipark De Pijp CC BY-SA 4.0 Milliped via Wikimedia Commons
Learn more about finding a home, rentals, buying a property and housing rights in Amsterdam.

Waste and recycling

Amsterdam garbage recycling
Reduce your environmental footprint by recycling, and find out where to deposit household refuse in Amsterdam.

Utilities & maintenance of Amsterdam housing

Amsterdam road work signs CC BY 2.0 Marc Samsom via Flickr
Get informed on things such as setting up internet and TV, and know when and where to throw out the rubbish.

Medical care and health insurance

Set up compulsory health insurance and familiarise yourself with doctors, dentists and hospitals in Amsterdam.

Working in Amsterdam

Seek out work and employment opportunities in Amsterdam: job searches, recruitment, starting a business and more.

Family & children

man riding bakfiets with child Amsterdam
Find information on essential family matters, such as daycare, child allowance and more.

Dutch education system

Amsterdam school children CC BY-SA 2.0 Sebastiaan ter Burg via Flickr
Familiarise yourself with the Dutch education system, branches of secondary education and which types of schools are in Amsterdam.

Financial matters

Amsterdam registration forms CC BY 2.0 Waag Society via Flickr
Arrange taxes, insurance, a Dutch bank account, social security and other financial matters for living in Amsterdam.

Emergencies & helplines

Amsterdam canal winter Edwin van Eis
Read a summary of important Dutch telephone numbers in the case of an emergency or problem.

Getting around Amsterdam

Amsterdam canal boating bike Merijn Roubroeks
Get around the city by car, bus, boat, tram or the most popular form of transportation in Amsterdam: the bicycle.

Amsterdam helpline

Amsterdam canal Prinsengracht Westertoren
Get in touch with an English-speaking operator about civic issues like taxes, parking, marriage ceremonies and more.