Safe, accessible and convenient 

Overtuinen is a spacious location on Provincialeweg – just 10 minutes’ walk from the lively centre of Zaandam, which bustles with restaurants, cafés, a cinema, theatre, shops and hotels. Public transport connections, including Zaandam train station and bus station, are easily accessible, providing direct connections to Amsterdam, Alkmaar and nearby cities.

The school’s location and surrounding residential area in development will be safely accessible to all students, whether they travel on foot, by bike, public transport or car. 

European School Zaanstad walking route map from Zaandam station

Now in an exciting stage of transformation, the entire Overtuinen neighbourhood will offer new housing, green spaces and facilities in time with the completion of the new European School building.

Sports facilities

The municipality will develop an indoor sports facility complete with changing rooms and washing facilities, equipped for playing a variety of different sports, as well as an outdoor sports facility measuring 1,550 square metres. The European School will have full use of the facilities during school hours (08:30-17:00). As with all schools in Zaanstad, the European school will have access to the area’s many sports facilities, including Sports Park Hoornseveld with tennis courts, a running track and a swimming pool, which is currently in development. 

Cultural inspiration at every turn

The arts are at the heart of Zaanstad’s culture, as the area is home to several inspiring museums and performing arts institutions. Within walking distance of the European school, Fluxus arts centre (website in Dutch) works with schools to introduce children to memorable cultural experiences and sets them up for a lifelong interest in music, theatre and visual arts. There is also an excellent library (website in Dutch) that offers children’s programmes in cooperation with schools. In addition, Bullekerk concert hall, De Fabriek cinema and Zaantheater showcase world-class cultural performances (all websites in Dutch). 

Convenient childcare

A high standard of childcare is available near the school. Local independent childcare providers include Freekids, Babino, Tinteltuin and Boefje, which will collaborate with European School to provide flexible options for parents. A full list is available on the national register of childcare organisations (website in Dutch).