On the north, Osdorp is bordered by the artificial lake Sloterplas and surrounding parks. Ookmeerweg forms its western border before turning into the reclaimed agricultural land of the Osdorper Binnenpolder. To the south and east, Osdorp merges with the newly-built neighbourhoods of De Aker and Nieuw Sloten which end at the Ringvaart canal.


As ‘East Village’, the original farming residents had their views traditionally more oriented west towards Haarlem and not east to Amsterdam. First mentioned around 1100, Osdorp was a peer of Amsterdam who still saw it fit to annex it in 1921.

Under the austerity of the post-WWII period, Osdorp was developed in the 1950s as a functionalist reaction to the more indulgent Amsterdam School of architecture, with more room given for traffic and less for commerce.

However, the result was a sleepy suburb that indeed had little space for smaller businesses, but still struggled with congested traffic. These day, Osdorp is part of one of the largest urban renewal projects in Europe, with a large amount of private properties.


Osdorp lives up to its reputation as a ‘park city’. Surrounded by huge swaths of green – including two picnic- and watersport- friendly bodies of water: Sloterplas and Nieuwe Meer – Osdorp is also laced with green bicycle corridors.

Its recent redevelopment included replacing old housing with several already iconic buildings by acclaimed modern architects, for example the ‘floating apartments’ of senior citizen residence Oklahoma by MVRDV. The enjoining Nieuw Sloten was built in the last decade as a ‘compact city’, with few high-rises and a sense of more space.

Your neighbourhood

The area combines everything from high-rises through terraced houses to detached canal-side properties. As a neighbourhood with many families, children and elderly residents, Osdorp's infrastructure for these groups has improved immensely in the last years by efforts by both government and community groups. Its innate multiculturalism is best experienced shopping on Osdorpplein with its covered market arcade Shoperade. Additionally, Osdorp’s Tuesday outdoor market on Tussenmeer was a finalist for ‘best market of the Netherlands 2010’ and remains ever-popular.

Eating, drinking etc

The country’s late and legendary restaurant critic Johannes van Dam rated the herring sold at the fish stall on Osdorpplein as the best in the city – and that says a lot. As primarily a residential neighbourhood, however, Osdorp is not known for its cultural offerings.

Still, for kids there is a petting zoo in the middle of the residential neighbourhoods with donkeys, sheep, pigs, chickens and more. And the Meervaart Theatre brings in an eclectic mix of theatre, dance and music. Grab a bite beforehand at the highly popular Turkish restaurant Bir Bey.