• 40 minutes from Amsterdam city centre
  • Home to 120 nationalities
  • Greenery, gardens and the Amsterdamse Bos

An international city

Amstelveen’s international orientation is partly determined by its economic relations. Close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and just a short distance from Amsterdam, Amstelveen is appealing for international businesses and internationals. Its high living standards are attractive to international employees, which explains why Amstelveen has an active and growing expat community. Thirty percent of the Amstelveen population currently has an international background. Expats from India are by far the largest non-Dutch nationality group residing in Amstelveen, followed by Japanese, British, Chinese, German and US-American residents and those from other Asian and western European countries.

Why live in Amstelveen?

Housing in Amstelveen is of very high standards and good value; its strategic location and high quality of life are the key elements of Amstelveen’s appeal. The Stadshart (city centre) is the cultural and retail heart of the city and plays a vital role in Amstelveen’s image. It is home to a nationally renowned library, the P60 concert venue, the Schouwburg Amstelveen theatre and the acclaimed Cobra Museum of Modern Art. Amstelveen is proud of its abundant greenery. The town is famous for the 1,000 hectare Amsterdamse Bos, the botanical gardens and its peat lakes. The well-maintained public green spaces are highly valued both by residents and the business community. Amstelveen won gold at the international horticultural competition Entente Florale 2014 and was named the greenest city of Europe 2014. The town also has ample sports facilities for a wide variety of sports at all levels. Hockey and volleyball are particularly popular.

Schools and education in Amstelveen

Amstelveen provides a wide range of excellent educational facilities at both primary and secondary levels. The International School of Amsterdam, the Korean School and the Japanese kindergarten are also essential assets. In combination with the higher professional education institutes and universities in Amsterdam, an appealing and comprehensive educational package is provided.

Amsterdamse Bos Edwin van Eis

Employment in the city

Employment in Amstelveen is concentrated in high-quality business services, such as IT companies, accountancy firms and advertising companies. The 6,500 registered companies in Amstelveen employ approximately 45,000 people. The unemployment rate in Amstelveen is comparatively low. Many international companies, the majority of which are from the USA and Japan, have based their offices in Amstelveen.

Healthcare and medical support

At Amstelveen’s Amstelland Hospital there's dedicated support desks for Indian and Japanese expats. These desks offer direct support with health and medical concerns in the respective languages and guide patients to the appropriate department or practice. The India Desk can be reached at [email protected], the Japan Desk at 020-755 7146.


Below you can find the various departments within the municipality of Amstelveen. You can reach all municipal departments and services by phoning the reception.

Amstelveen Town Hall Reception

Contact Amstelveen’s Town Hall Reception for parking permits, marriage, birth or death certificates and general information.

Telephone number for all municipal departments and services: 020-540 4911
Address: Laan Nieuwer-Amstel 1

Postal address for all municipal departments and services:
Gemeente Amstelveen Postbus 4
1180 BA Amstelveen

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Amstelveen Registry

Contact Amstelveen’s Registry Department to register a birth, marriage or death. For driving licences or travel documents (such as passport or visa), contact the Documents Department (see below).

Documents Department

Contact Amstelveen’s Documents Department to apply for a driving licence or travel documents (such as passports or visas).

Immigration Department

Contact Amstelveen’s Immigration Department for initial registration and information.