Sports for all seasons

Whatever time of the year, Amsterdammers engage in numerous activity. There is an underlying belief that sport and exercise are key to living a healthy, happy life, and the city's population takes advantage of this regularly.

Even in the midst of wintertime, Amsterdammers are traditionally drawn to skating halls, the public rinks on the Museum and Dam Square, or even the odd frozen canal in a (very) lucky year.

Born to roll

In milder months, these skates turn to wheels as hundreds of free-wheelers can be seen zooming around the city streets and parks on in-line skates – which some claim are a cousin to the wooden-spools-on-shoes invented by a Dutchman in the early 1700s. Summer months see Amsterdammers flocking to the nearby beaches and lakes, and even the canals, to set sail. Year round, inhabitants make use of gyms, sport centers, swimming pools and other centers to participate in everything from aerobics to pilates to yoga.

And of course, there is the bicycle: Amsterdammers regard their bicycles as a primary means of transport for everything from theirselves to babies and their briefcases to groceries to even their furniture!

Sports groups

Follow this link for a list of international sports groups.