180 Amsterdammers

In 2016, the city of Amsterdam celebrated its diversity by mapping all of the 180 nationalities that live within its boundaries, photographing and listening to the stories of representatives from each of these groups, from the 12,354 Brits to that one person from Djibouti.

Celebrating diversity

180 portraits will be shown throughout 2016 in local media to remind the Amsterdammers of the richness of their world. One thing that binds all Amsterdammers, native or imported, is that they feel free here.

180 Amsterdammers is an initiative of amsterdam&partners, AmsterdamFM, Bridgizz, Nieuwwij, Story Supply, the OBA (Amsterdam Public Library), the Amsterdam Museum, Het Parool and the City of Amsterdam. For more information, visit www.180amsterdammers.nl/en

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