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IN Amsterdam Partnership Programme membership fees

Explore the marketing opportunities for IN Amsterdam Partnership Programme members and find the fees for the membership for 2023.

Membership in 2023:

Full-year membership: 1 January to 31 December 2023 costs €1,100 (€1,331 incl. VAT).
Half-year membership: 1 July to 31 December 2023 costs €550 (€655.50 incl. VAT).
There is no membership fee for non-profit organisations.

Additional marketing opportunities

As events and articles are dependent on our demand and availability of resources, you can select them as additional marketing opportunities for an extra fee. This extra offer is available and can be added to your standard offer throughout the year.

Writing an informative article costs: €500 excl. VAT.

IN Amsterdam covers:
a. relevant topic research in your field of expertise (SEO, seasonal or time-relevant current content);
b. drafting (based on partner’s input);
c. editing;
d. publishing and marketing on the I Amsterdam Living website.

Organisation of an informative (online) event focused on internationals, with your company as the only speaker costs €350 excl. VAT.

IN Amsterdam covers:
a. planning;
b. organisation;
c. marketing;
d. moderation.
We cannot guarantee a certain number of attendees, but we will aim for minimum 70 sign-ups.

Please note: In order to qualify as a partner your company must meet our minimum criteria. Partner companies must:

  • have all relevant company information available in English (including website, flyers, forms, service etc)
  • have a minimum of one year’s experience in the international market
  • agree to cooperate with our client-monitoring project; we will request feedback from internationals on your services (information will not be made public)
  • have a standard company procedure for handling customer/client complaints
  • have recent verifiable references from a minimum of two international clients and two international companies
  • be a member of the relevant sector’s professional association (where applicable)
  • have an office in the Netherlands
  • Apart from the above criteria, companies must agree to the membership terms and conditions, which will be provided to all applicants