Desserts for birds

With a nod to our all-time favorite ice cream, these bird feeder balls are made in the shape of a Magnum. Each ice cream cone is covered with a thick layer of seeds that many garden birds love. A cheerful gift in three different flavors, perfect for every garden and balcony!

Desserts for birds €7,95


If you like sleek shapes and design, the Canal Birdhouse by Frederik Roijé is the ideal birdhouse for your garden or balcony. A black-stained canal house made of weather-resistant plywood with brass nails and a twig, and there is a choice of a bell gable or a step gable. Or go all out and hang a whole row of canal houses for a complete bird village.

Canal Birdhouse €29 

Metal birds

No birds around? Just bring them into the garden yourself! The metal birds from Metalbird come in all shapes and sizes, from owl, woodpecker and blackbird to wren, robin and kingfisher. And by cleverly combining the different birds, you attract real birds (or you scare them off, just select it according to your bird wishes).

Metalbirds vanaf €37,50 

Sunny rain

Well, in the Netherlands, "outside" is often synonymous with "rain". But don't let the weather stop you from exploring the city. What could be better than Vincent van Gogh's The Sunflowers to brighten up dreary days?

Van Gogh paraplu €19,95

Ride in style

We Amsterdammers love our bikes, but there is nothing more annoying than perching on a soggy bicycle saddle. Kitsch Kitchen therefore designed these cheerful saddle covers. Bonus: with a striking print you no longer have to search endlessly for your steel steed in the chaos that an Amsterdam bicycle parking can sometimes be.

Kitch Kitchen zadelhoes €13,95