Give a piece of Amsterdam this Christmas

Amsterdam embeds itself deeply in the hearts and minds of both its residents and visitors alike. And there’s no better gift than giving someone a present which perfectly represents their connection to this magical city. To help, we’ve compiled a Christmas list of presents which capture Amsterdam’s special spirit, and let someone always have a little bit of the city by their side. What’s best is that all of these sustainable products are available from the I amsterdam Store in Amsterdam Central Station.

Stadsplank wooden cutting board

Stadsplank I amsterdam store

A tree in Amsterdam could tell a thousand stories, and some are more than 60 years old. But when a tree needs to come down (due to age or development), it’s story doesn’t have to end there. Instead some become a Stadsplank, a cutting board made with wood from a tree felled in the city. What’s more, each unique board is engraved to tell you exactly what species it was, and where it once stood – there are boards made from beeches in Amsterdamse Bos, and even oaks in Vondelpark.

Stadsplank cutting board, €35–55, I amsterdam Store

WasteBoard skateboard

Wasteboard I amsterdam Store

Plastic pollution is a growing problem, but WasteBoards is turning the tide against the harm it does by creating good out of plastic waste. It does this by crafting eye-catching skateboards entirely from recycled plastics. Using bottle caps discarded at festivals or in Amsterdam’s canals, each of these handmade skateboard’s individual colour patterns are completely unique. Buying one means that you’re not only buying a little bit of Amsterdam, but helping the planet too. 

Wasteboard skateboard, €149.95, I amsterdam Store

Eau d’Amsterdam

Eau d'Amsterdam I amsterdam Store

Amsterdam is home to more than 75,000 elm trees, and in the springtime their seeds fall like snowflakes across the city. This magical phenomenon gave artists Saskia Hoogendoorn and Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands the idea for Eau d’Amsterdam, the first ever ‘green’ city perfume. The perfect gift for both men and women, this unisex scent will whisk you right back to Amsterdam’s UNESCO World Heritage Canal Ring. With each purchase money also goes to support Springsnow, a festival celebrating the season when the elms spread their seeds across the city.

Eau d’Amsterdam, €58, I amsterdam Store

Patrimonia Amsterdam

Patrimonium Bart Brussee

 Image: Bart Brusee

Sit down with friends and family and step into the shoes of an Amsterdam trader with Patrimonia. A board game in which you navigate your way around the city’s canals trying to help restore its remarkable monuments, you’ll also discover fascinating facts about the city. What’s more, the game is made using plastic waste fished from Amsterdam’s canals, the world’s most sustainable printer and wood from the city’s fallen trees, meaning playing games has never been so eco-friendly. 

Patrimonia Amsterdam, €44.95, I amsterdam Store


Rijkswachters I amsterdam Store

Meet the Rijkswachter: A robot made from wooden crates in which the Rijksmuseum’s artworks were kept safe during the decade the museum was renovated. When the museum reopened, the crates became obsolete, but have now been crafted into these charming keepsakes. And the best bit? Every robot comes with a unique number, letting you discover exactly which work of art was protected by the wood used to make it. 

Rijkswachters, (XS €27.50, S €37.50, M €79) I amsterdam Store