Chocolatemakers Gift Set

Amsterdam-based Chocolatemakers create delicious ‘single-origin’ chocolate bars. That means each bar is made from only one type of bean, and has a distinctive flavour profile due to the region and condition in which the beans are grown. Chocolatemakers are also as passionate about ethics and sustainability as they are about their product: using only organic ingredients and working to improve the regions they work in. This gift set consists of four different bars, beautifully packaged in an attractive gift box: two Gorilla bars containing varying amounts of cacao, and two Tres Hombres bars (one with sea salt and one with cacao nibs). Chocolate connoisseurs will enjoy comparing the different flavours – the only hard part is choosing your favourite!

Chocolatemakers Gift Set, €16,50 (individual bars €3.75 each)


Looking for a small gift that’s easy to post or tuck away in your luggage? Or simply something that won’t take up much room in a friend’s cosy Amsterdam apartment? Then Roersels are ideal. These Dutch-made stirring sticks for your coffee, tea or hot chocolate are made from stainless steel and carefully hand-finished. You can choose a range of designs which pay tribute to Amsterdam’s rich history, including a canal house, the city’s iconic Dockworker statues, the famous three St. Andrew's crosses that feature on its coat of arms or even just a simple tulip.

Roersels, €12.95 each

Lowlander Beer Gift Set

Launched in 2016 to help revive the Dutch culture of beer brewing, the Lowlander beer – a name that hints at the Netherlands’ unique geography – brings botanicals back into the brewery. These handsome gift sets contain an IPA, white ale and porter, and helpfully a glass that you can use to drink them all. As your lucky recipient sips down one of these bewitching brews, they’ll be reminded why Amsterdam and the Netherlands is challenging Belgium to stake a claim as the best beer producer in the world.

Lowlander beer gift set, €14.95

Patrimonia Amsterdam

Patrimonium Bart Brussee

The perfect gift for the board game lover in your life! In this addictive strategy game, players sail their ships around Amsterdam’s canals, doing their best to block their opponents’ paths while trying to collect everything they need to restore the city’s most famous monuments. And what’s more, the game has been produced as sustainably as possible: the playing pieces are made of recycled plastic waste recovered from Amsterdam’s canals, and the printing was done using the world’s most sustainable printer. English and Dutch versions of the game are available.

Patrimonia Amsterdam, €49.95

Amsterdam: A Brief Life of the City by Geert Mak

Winter is the perfect time to snuggle up with a good book, and you’ll struggle to find one more engrossing than Geert Mak’s classic Amsterdam: A Brief Life of the City. Mak traces everyday life in Amsterdam throughout its history, starting at the city’s origin as a small settlement founded on marshland. The book is packed with anecdotes about the many different characters who have called Amsterdam home, tales of the great and the good, and details of the many waves of immigration that have made this port city what it is today. But be warned: you’ll never be able to walk around the city again without saying, “Oh, do you know what happened here?”

Amsterdam: A Brief Life of the City by Geert Mak, €12.50

Find these gifts at the I amsterdam Store at Central Station.