Weeks before Santa Claus shimmies down chimneys across the world to deliver gifts, children in the Netherlands are already enjoying their Sinterklaas presents – delivered not under a tree, but in a shoe. Each night leading up to the holiday, Dutch children leave out shoes filled with a carrot as a treat for Sinterklaas’s horse, and in return, they get a gift. Take part in the tradition and slip one of these unique Sinterklaas gifts in your children’s shoes – and watch for their smiles in the morning! More in the mood for some online shopping? Be sure to check out our brand new I amsterdam webshop.

Wooden bicycle bell

Accessorise their favourite mode of transport with a bicycle bell guaranteed to stand out – even in the city of cycles. Made from sustainable walnut, the durable bell is engraved with a map of Amsterdam, inspiring young adventurers to pedal off and explore undiscovered corners of the city.   

Wooden bicycle bell, €29.95, I amsterdam Store

ARTIS Jaguar Backpack

Your kids will be the coolest cats in town with this powder blue backpack spotted with jaguars, designed for the ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo to mark the arrival of two black jaguar cubs in June. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the backpack is as environmentally friendly as it is sturdy. You can even pick up a few matching pencil cases to make it a full set.

ARTIS Jaguar backpack, €19.95, I amsterdam Store

KLM Stewardess doll

It may be the opportunity to travel the world, the chance to meet new people every day, or even just the outfit that makes kids dream of air travel. Whatever the reason, your children will love taking off to exotic destinations with the KLM stewardess doll. She’s dressed up just like a real flight attendant, complete with the iconic KLM uniform, scarf and trolley bag.  

KLM Stewardess doll, €19.95, I amsterdam Store 

Tony Chocolonely Letter Chocolate Bar

There’s just something about biting into a larger-than-your-average chocolate bar, especially when it’s shaped as your initial, in the Sinterklaas tradition. Each year, Dutch sustainable chocolate maker Tony’s Chocolonely releases its line of chocolate bars in every letter of the alphabet, so every kid can get their own personal chocolate bar. If you’re feeling particularly generous, buy a few to spell out the recipient’s whole name – just don’t let them eat it all at once!

Tony Chocolonely letter chocolate bar, €3.29, I amsterdam Store


The gift that’s a dozen toys in one. The Foooty, designed by Amsterdam-based concept agency Apollo 11, is a foldable, flexible ball made for rugby, football, frisbee and even juggling – the perfect toy for kids who love to play outside. Foooties are sold in packs of flat plastic parts that easily interlock, letting creative minds construct their own imaginative 3D toys.  

Foooty foldable ball, €12.95, I amsterdam Store

Find these gifts at the I amsterdam Store at Central Station.