The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Diary of Anne Frank Amsterdam gift

There is no better time to brush up on history than when living in one of the most historic cities in Europe. If the Diary of a Young Girl was never on the required reading list for your history buff friend, give the gift of knowledge with one of the most famous WWII books in the world. If you are both lucky enough to be living in Amsterdam, join them on a visit to the Anne Frank House to see the words come to life.

The Diary of a Young Girl, €7.99, I amsterdam Store

Amsterdam Characters by Anne Brugts

Amsterdam Characters book gift

Fashionistas and aspiring anthropologists will get lost in this rich book of culture, clothing and curiosities. A collection of photographs and stories from some of the most interesting people in Amsterdam, this book offers insight into the real residents of the city as well as the chance to get to know new neighbours without ever meeting them. And who knows – perhaps they’ll spot them on the street!

Amsterdam Characters, €25.00, I amsterdam Store

Jip & Janneke by Annie M. G. Schmidt

Jip en Janneke two kids from Holland Amsterdam gift

Kids are like little sponges, absorbing language and culture far easier than adults – so give them something to soak up! This famous book series has been a must-read for Dutch children since it was first published in the 1950s, and its cleverness and simplicity engage all young readers. Not only will the kids love the stories, they’ll love feeling part of the culture. 

Jip & Janneke, €19.95, I amsterdam Store

The Dutch and Their Bikes by Shirley Agudo

The Dutch and their bikes book Amsterdam gift

This book, a collection of photographs depicting the Dutch cycling culture from the perspective of an American photojournalist, doubles as eye-catching décor. It’s a gift for photographers and art lovers living in Amsterdam or those who just love this quirky characteristic of the Netherlands – and it makes quite the conversation piece.

The Dutch and Their Bikes, €29.90, I amsterdam Store

The Amsterdam City Guide by Anne de Buck

Your little black book Amsterdam gift

From the author of online city guide Your Little Black Book, The Amsterdam City Guide has all the information newly arrived Amsterdammers need to navigate the city. While it’s fun to wander around and discover new hangouts off the beaten path, it’s easier when they have an expert right in their pocket. This nifty present gives newcomers a little nudge in the right direction, making it easier to find a daily lunch spot or hidden café that becomes a regular haunt.

The Amsterdam City Guide, €16.99, I amsterdam Store

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