Access to all of the public transport in Amsterdam is included in your card

The I amsterdam City Card consists of two parts: museums/attractions and public transport. The public transport component is activated at your first check in on a GVB bus, tram or metro. After activation, each part is valid for 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours, depending on the duration of the card of your choice. The I amsterdam City Card also includes public transport during the night. 

Please remember that while there are night buses which you can use with the City Card, all trams and metros stop running after 00:30 at night.

 Please note: 

- The City Card is only valid for GVB bus, tram and metro lines in Amsterdam. Train services are not included.

- Note: attractions / locations offering discounts with the City Card will not activate your card. 

Transport from the airport by train

If you wish to travel from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to the city centre, you can purchase additional public transport tickets such as the Amsterdam Travel Ticket, or the Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket, which includes train travel within the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.