An inspired spirit

Jean-François Millet might not be the world’s most famous artist, but many of them (including Monet, Munch and Dalí) looked to this French master for inspiration. With Jean-François Millet: Sowing the Seeds of Modern Art, the Van Gogh Museum recognises his incredible impact – Vincent himself was a huge fan – and how his modern style, radical technique and focus on peasant life made him an icon and earned him scorn. If possible, drop by the museum on a Thursday for a free 30-minute introduction before viewing the paintings.To visit the Van Gogh Museum, you are required to book a time slot in advance

Jean Francois Millet Sowing the Seeds of Modern Art Van Gogh Museum

Jean-François Millet: Sowing the Seeds of Modern Art runs until 12 January 2020 at the Van Gogh Museum

Diamonds are forever

Uncover the story behind the sparkle at Amsterdam, City of Diamonds at the Jewish Historical Museum. Starting in the 1600s, the diamond industry in Amsterdam was a valuable source of employment for Jewish people, who were excluded from trade guilds, leaving them with few other options. After centuries of exploitation, they founded the General Diamond Workers’ Union of the Netherlands in 1894, marking the birth of modern unions. However, everything would change with the arrival of WWII.

Amsterdam City of Diamonds Jewish Historical Museum

Amsterdam, City of Diamonds runs until 1 March 2020 at the Jewish Historical Museum

Tales of the city

Discover a trove of fascinating objects in Save as.. - How to collect the city?, a new exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum. Featuring a mixture of mundane and amazing items from the museum’s vast collection, it uses each one to tell a story about the city and its people. Let your eyes wander over rare antiques, handmade doll clothes and the possessions of migrants as you step into worlds you never knew existed.

Save as How to collect the city Amsterdam Museum

Save as.. - How to collect the city? runs until 1 March 2020 at the Amsterdam Museum

Just your type

An icon of Dutch design is being honoured at Wim Crouwel: Mr Gridnik at the Stedelijk Museum. Influenced by the Swiss school of graphic design, Crouwel’s work employed a minimalist approach organised around a grid system. This exhibition focuses on his typographic output and showcases some of the influential fonts he created throughout his career, many of which inspire designers around the world today. 

Wim Crouwel Mr Gridnik Stedelijk Museum

Wim Crouwel: Mr Gridnik runs until 22 March 2020 at the Stedelijk Museum

When in Rome

Travel back to the days of 17th-century Rome with Caravaggio-Bernini at the Rijksmuseum. This collection brings together a powerful collection of works by these influential artists, who shaped the baroque era by infusing their creations with emotion and passion. This exhibition also marks the first time so many pieces by these masters – along with their talented contemporaries – have been shown in the Netherlands. Brace yourself for the bust of Medusa; the writhing snakes on her head almost feel alive.

Rijksmuseum Caravaggio Bernini Medusa

Caravaggio-Bernini opens 14 February 2020 at the Rijksmuseum