Last updated 30 July, 2020

The Editorial article page is used for articles, pages with mostly text, on which you want to use the right side column to place widgets to include more information on the page, such as a contact person, related articles, or to add more navigation methods to the page.

You can insert images into your text using the Insert Sitecore Media button in the ribbon above.The image is automatically scaled to full width of the page.

Widgets on this page 

Above the content:

Image and video carousel

The column on the right allows for a number of widgets, as displayed. All the possible widgets are:

Top placeholder:

Embed card (preferable to use Contact Person widget instead)

Download widget

Rich Text widget

Related Cards widget (keep in mind this widget displays by default along the bottom of the page, too, if tags are added to your page)

Contact Person widget

FAQ widget

Middle placeholder:

Contact Person widget (recommended to place the Contact Person widget in the top placeholder so you have the ability to shift other cards above or below)

Bottom placeholder:

Related articles widget

Recent articlelist

FAQ widget

Note: you can move widgets around within each place holder, but not between placeholders. I.e. you cannot move the Embed card under the Recent articlelist, but you can move it under the Download, Rich Text, Related Cards and Contact Person widgets.

The placeholder below the text holds two widgets:

Iframe widget

Form (Mvc form) (not recommended, use a Form page template instead)

The placeholders just under the social buttons are generally not used and some widgets here won't actually work.

The placeholder at the very bottom below the social buttons by default is the Related cards widget. The default widget gets populated based on the tags on the page.You can also manually set the cards in the Related cards widget.

Below is an Iframe widget. It allows you to display a webpage in a webpage.