Needs widget and Article of the month

Needs widget and Article of the month widget are used as the main navigation widgets since the last redesign in July 2017.

The Needs widget and Article of the month widget are created in the same widget area in the repository. The placeholder in the Experience Editor determines which version is shown.


Article of the month widget is used ONLY on the NL homepage and the EN What's on page.

Needs widget on Landing pages must include approx. 20 words of summary text and a call-to-action link.

Where to find this widget in Sitecore

/sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Articles of the Month Widgets

How to create the Needs widget

Keep in mind the cards show in rows of 3 small and 2 large. If you want to have 2 large show first, you'll need to split up the widget into two Item Groups and place the Group with the two large items first.

Where to use this Widget

Landing Page

How to create the Articles of the Month widget (only used on NL home and EN What's on)


See below both versions in action.

This is a Needs overview widget

Needs widget "Large article"

Tick the "Link in description" box to show the link here, like so:
"Link in description" box ticked!


Introduction text

Needs widget

Amsterdam Dutch local cafe bar, Marie-Charlotte Pezé
Add the below link description when inserting link!
Read more about this widget

Group 2

This second row of 3 cards are grouped separately. If not, the two large articles would appear on the second row instead.

Keep on grouping!

The Coffee Virus Amsterdam
You can keep grouping as many rows as you like! In rows of two (with "Large article" box ticked) or three.