Featured Cards Widget

The Featured Cards Widget is being slowly phased out. But here it is anyway.


Featured Cards are becoming redundant as a navigation tool on a page. Use the Needs widget instead.

Where to find this widget in Sitecore

/sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Featured Cards Widgets

How to create this widget

Easy peasy! Add your Title. Add your pages by double-clicking or using the > arrow. Remove by double-clicking or using the < arrow. Rearrange the order by using the up and down buttons. Remember, the cards show in rows of 3.

Single Featured Cards Widget

It is also possible to add a single Featured Cards widget to one of the three column placeholders on a Landing Page. Same set up as above, just select only one page. When adding the widget, select the separate Featured Card (not Cards) widget option in the column placeholder.

Converting Featured Cards to a slider

Featured Cards are being used less as the Needs widget takes over. It is possible to easily "convert" the Featured cards content to a Related cards slider:

  1. Go to your Featured cards widget
  2. In the ribbon up top, go to View and tick the "Raw values" box
  3. Copy the contents in the "Featured Cards" field
  4. Go to an existing, or create a new Related Cards widget
  5. Paste your copied items into the "Custom Cards" field
  6. Save and publish
  7. Untick the "Raw values" box

The same applies for moving items from the Card Slider to the Related Cards widget. In the Raw values view, copy from the "Cards" field to the "Custom Cards" field.

Where to use this Widget

Landing Page. Though preferably use the Needs widget instead.


See below a full Featured Cards Widget and the single Featured Card in action.

This is a Featured Cards Widget