Where to find this widget in Sitecore

/sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Contact Person Widgets

How to create this widget

  • Image - add one
  • Text - add your text. H3 the title so the header looks the same as headers on other cards. Keep in mind you may need to play around with the text length to have it aligned with other widgets. The card length will adapt to the length of your text. In the text you can add a red or green link button. Add class="btn" to the a href tag in the HTML code. For the green button add class="btn btn-block btn-green"
  • Phonenumber - add the phone number (if necessary)
  • Email - add the email address (if necessary)
  • Link - add a link (if necessary), keeping in mind the link will show as is, you cannot mask it with another title. Note: the link only shows on the single card, it won't show if the card is used in the Contact Person Collections Widget.

Where to use this widget

Landing Page

Editorial Article Page

News Page

Form Page


On the right and on the Widgets homepage, to the very bottom (single card in the center).