Where to find the Menus in Sitecore


How to create a menu

Note: A menu can only be placed on a Section Home page template. These are the very top level pages of the site.

  • Insert a new Section Menu.
  • Insert a new Section Menu Item. Each of these Items will become the menu item displayed in the grey navigation bar at the top of the webpage.
  • Add a title, keeping it as short as possible. The longer this title, the fewer Items you can have lined up in the navigation bar.
  • Add the link.
  • Under Left Section you can add 12 menu items in the dropdown menu: insert a Link, Media Link, or External Link.
  • Click on your inserted item so it's highlighted blue and set the link text.
  • You can sort the items by clicking on an it so it's highlighted blue and moving it up or down using the Sort Up and Sort Down buttons.
  • The Middle Section is actually currently the section on the right of the dropdown menu. There is space for 6 menu items here. Add as described above.
  • Continue above steps (from "Insert a new Section Menu Item") for each menu item + dropdown menu you want to add to your navigation bar.


If you see the title of your menu item slip onto two lines, that means you've created too many menu items, or your menu item names are too long.