Where to find the Menus in Sitecore


How to create a menu

Note: A menu is added to the Home page, under Navigation / Menu. Each language already has an existing Menu Folder. 

  • (If adding a new language) Insert a new Menu Folder.
  • Insert a new Menu Section. The Menu Section (title) is what displays in the left column of the menu. On desktop this link is not clickable. On mobile it is. Add a title. Add the link.
  • Insert a new Menu Group. Add title. This will be the title of the column. Insert a link. Link is clickable both on desktop and mobile.
  • Insert a new Menu Item. Add title and link. Continue adding as many as you need. These will all appear in one column.
  • Continue adding Menu Groups with Menu Items as needed. You can rearrange the order of all items as needed.