Where to find Forms in Sitecore


How to create a form

  • Insert a new Form
  • Add a Title, Introduction, and Footer, if you want. See the tick boxes and tick accordingly. Of course, any instructions or info can also be added in the text of the Form page.
  • In the Ribbon, under Forms, click Form Designer.
  • Click on the green "Add Field" button to start adding your fields. From the Type dropdown menu you can select the type of field/button/dropdown menu you want to use. Some types will require you to enter the answer options users can choose from. This is done in the left pane of the window.
  • Tick the Required box if this field is required. If it is, the form will not submit if the field is not entered.
  • When you've added all your fields (you can always add more later), click the "submit" button. This will open more options in the left pane of the window. Click "edit" next to Save Actions. This will open a new window. Here you can select to add "Send Email Message" if you want to send the user an email message after they've submitted the form. Or, if you want to send the administrator an email when a new form has been submitted. NOTE: currently only Sitecore admins seem to be able to edit Email Messages. Please ask Tamar/Steven/Gerjan for help.
  • Add the Send Email Message to the list and click Edit. Do this twice if you want to set up an email message to go to the user and the administrator separately.
  • Set up your email message. You can insert all the fields of the form into the email message. Design the email message layout as you wish.
  • When you're done, click Save/Close and close out of this window.
  • Publish the form, including subitems. (Open the form to see the underlying fields you've created).
  • Copy the path of the form and go back to your Form Page.
  • Paste the path of the form in the Ribbon under Presentation > Layout Details > Final Layout > Mvc Form > General > Data Source
  • Publish your page.
  • TEST YOUR FORM! See next step.

How to view form submissions

  • In the Ribbon, under Forms, click Form Reports. 
  • In the Actions dropdown menu on the right, click "Export form data to Excel". This will download all the submissions as an Excel sheet.


Forms and Form Pages can be finicky. You might be doing everything right, yet the form still doesn't work. It's hard to say what causes this. You might want to start all over, or perhaps copy a page/form that you know works and make adjustments in there. Sorry if Forms give you a headache.

Where to use Forms

Form page