The news page is very similar to an Editorial Article Page in layout, with the addition of the date showing on the page and the card. Also, it is this page type that gets used in the Recent Articlelist widget.

Widgets on this page 

The column on the right allows for a number of widgets, see the Editorial Article Page for more examples. All the possible widgets are:

Top placeholder:

Embed card

Download widget

Rich Text widget

Related Cards widget (keep in mind this widget displays by default along the bottom of the page, too)

Middle placeholder:

Contact Person widget

Bottom placeholder:

Related articles widget

FAQ widget

Recent articlelist

Note: you can move widgets around within each place holder, but not between placeholders. I.e. you cannot move the Embed card under the Contact person widget or Recent articlelist, but you can move it under the Download, Rich Text and Related Cards widgets.

The placeholder directly below the text can be used to add an Iframe or Form.

The placeholder at the bottom of the page is the default Related Cards Widget, based on tags on the page.