OMG I accidentally/on purpose deleted a page and I want it back.

Not to worry. Sitecore has a rubbish bin, just like everyone else. Go to Click on the Sitecore icon on the bottom left. Click Recycle Bin, find your item, and click Restore.

I've published my page/image/widget a number of times and it's still not showing.

Does the page need to be approved first?

Did you publish all new above-lying pages/widgets or new folders as well? And are the above-lying pages/widgets or new folders published in the same language as your item?

I really want to work on a page but someone else has locked it.

If you know the person, ask them to check it in. If you don't know the person or they're not around, ask someone with Admin rights (Kim, Tamar, Joren) to check in the page for you. For this reason it is highly recommended at the end of your day to unlock all of your items in one go. Via the Ribbon, Review > My items.

What is an internal link vs an external link and why is this important to know?

An internal link is any link within the website. An external link is a link from outside the website. When adding internal links, they will automatically update when this page is moved or renamed in the Sitecore tree. When adding an external link (or an link as an external link) then this link won't update if it gets changed or moved. For this reason, always add links as internal links!

I've added all my widgets in the Experience Editor, when I go back to my page in the Content Tree to make further changes, it asks to overwrite my changes. What?

When you've added widgets (particularly on a Landing Page) in the Experience Editor, make sure to save, publish, and properly close out of the Experience Editor. Save and publish your page before you open the Experience Editor as well. When you're done adding your widgets and you come back in the Content Editor, first click off of the page you're working on, and then come back to it to make any further changes.

Why is the text on my Embed Card Widget not showing?

Did you select Embed Card Extended when adding the widget in the Experience Editor?

I'm a writer and I'm obsessed with curly quotes. How do I get my curly quotes please?

For Windows: curly double quotes is alt+0147 (“) and alt+0148 (”), and curly single quotes its alt+0145 (‘) and alt+0146 (’).

For Mac: Alt + " or alt + shift + " for curly double quotes and Alt + shift + ' for curly single quotes.

I'm tired of the Experience Editor, is there no other way to update my widgets?

Adding a new widget placeholder is easiest via the Experience Editor. However, if the placeholder is already there (like the Related Cards Widget at the bottom of article pages) and you just want to add a different one (though the same widget type!), then copy the path of the new widget you want to place. In the Ribbon, go to Presentation > Layout Details > Final layout. Click on the widget you want to change and paste in the new widget path.

$name - damn you!

If the $name rears its ugly head, you may want to check that your page doesn't have an empty other language version. Check the language dropdown menu on the right to see if this is the case. If there is a version that's not supposed to be there, then open that language version. In the Ribbon, go to Versions, click the dropdown arrow next to Remove, and remove all versions.

If this wasn't the problem, double check that the menu title of your page is properly entered. 

If that wasn't the problem either, you may want to unpublish and republish your page.

If that also didn't solve the problem, it might be a server problem that could correct itself over time.

How can I easily copy widgets from one page to another?

You ask as though you assume this is already possible. Well it is. Sort of. It is possible as long as you're copying to the same page template. Here's how: In the Ribbon, go to View, and tick the "Raw values" box. In the Content Editor, scroll down to the Layout tab and open that. In the second field "Final renderings" copy the entire string of text. Paste that into the same field of your new page. Now you have copied literally the exact same widgets and layout over. You can go into Presentation > Details > Final layout and update the widget content there if needed (i.e. change a contact card from Marieke to Pauline.) Don't forget to untick "Raw Values"!