What's it for?

The Experience Editor allows you to add widgets to a page. You have already made these widgets in the Content Editor.

Where can I find this in Sitecore?

On the page you want to work on, go to the “Publish” tab. Click on the Experience Editor button in the Publish section. A new window in your browser will open. This is your web page in Experience Editor mode (the web address will start with “cm.iamsterdam.com”)

Under the “Presentation” tab, make sure you are on the “Final layout”. By default you should be. This indicates that you are working only in this language version of the page. Alternatively, clicking “Shared layout” will include changes made on this page on all other language versions as well.

How it works

On existing widgets, you can mouse over and click on it to open the menu for that component. The menu will tell you the name of the widget currently there. Here, you can delete or move the widget (hover over icons to see what all the options are).

To add a new widget, click on “Component” under the “Home” tab. “Add here” tabs will pop up around the page, this is where you can add new widgets. Click on the tab to open the widget menu. Select the widget you want to insert and click “ok”. This will take you to the CMS tree from where you can select the widget you want to insert.

You can move around components by clicking on the first icon in the menu “Move component”. Keep in mind, not all components can be moved. Some components can only be moved in one direction (a cms glitch). This can be solved by moving another component in the other direction.

When done, click Save, Publish (if a page is “waiting approval”, click “Approve”) and Close. The browser window will switch to preview mode (note the “cm” instead of “www” web address) where you can check your work. Changing the “cm” to “www” in the web address will take you directly to the live page.