The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area has one of the world’s highest broadband concentrations. It is also home to the best possible digital foundation: the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX).

Digital dynamics

This powerful and stable global Internet hub has supported the rise of a dynamic digital sector. AMS-IX is not only important for ICT firms, such as Internet Service Providers, mobile operators, search engines, applications specialists and data centres, but also for financial institutions and other companies which demand reliable and fast connections.

Largest transport hub in the world

Fibre optic-transported data is distributed in realtime to an ever-increasing number of large and small networks, search engines, portals, webfarms and other internet-related organisations. Thanks to its investment in increased capacity and additional connection points, AMS-IX is already poised to take advantage of the expected exponential growth in the market. In 2013, the total internet traffic volume of AMS-IX grew by 35% to 5.6 exabytes (5,600,000 terabytes).